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Benefits of literal chronicles
Chronicles are the things that happened in the past and are recorded in writing. These events that are recorded will be in the order that they happened in. These writings are most of what a person mostly the one who is writing witnessed or understood. Writers who write both fictional and those who write nonfictional use this style in their writing. When it comes to chronicles there are different types. The types are in two types the dead chronicles and the live chronicles. If a writer begins to write about an event that happened in the past then this will be categorized in the dead chronicles. Live chronicles are the recounts of events that are happening continuously such as newspapers and other media that report daily.

When you talk about literal chronicles these are the chronicles that are used in school settings. Reading these chronicles can be very fanned for the reader whether you love fictional or nonfictional reading. The writers of these chronicles write even fictional stories that will make you believe that they are real. If you are aspiring to be a writer of the chronicles it is important that you get the education that is needed in this area and there are institutions that offer this to you. People who write the live chronicles have gone to the institutions that teach in these areas. With the best teaching, you will learn how to write the chronicles in a very precise and understandable way for the audience that you wish to reach. There are very many reasons why people write chronicles. Some write the chronicles as a job where they get their daily bread. Others write the chronicles as a teaching tool. No matter the reason that the chronicle is written there are many advantages that come from writing these chronicles below are some of the benefits.

The preservation of culture is one of the advantages of chronicles. The once that were written a long time ago will tell us of the way people in that age were living. The written word tells us how the culture was before and we get to learn something’s from that. There were things that were not so good that with the chronicles we are reminded not to repeat.
The second benefit is the keep us occupied. For kids in this digital era you can introduce the reading of these chronicles so that they do not have too much free time to do things that are no beneficial.

The third benefit is that they strengthen local identity. Writers will write about a certain area about their lifestyle and the community itself and the economic activities that are in the area and this will strengthen the local identity of the place.

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